Help has arrived to simplify filling cancelled appointments.
manage waitlists
Forget those random pieces of papers floating around. Keep track of all of your clients and their particular appointment needs, including what times they are available and their preferences of who they want to see in your practice. Accomplish all this through our simple web interface.
fill new availability
With one click, send a message out to your waitlisted clients about the new available appointment slot. Don’t worry about making calls, being put on hold, or leaving voice mails. People getting your message can reply to your message and we will automatically connect them to you. Let us do the hard work, not you.
You can send messages to your clients whether via email or SMS through one easy-to-use web interface that keeps track of all of your interactions.
happy clients
You will now be able to fill all available appointment slots, thereby fitting in your clients quicker. Clients will appreciate the attention and ease of communication.
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